Big charges for heavy postage

By on 15/08/2014

Why not see if you can reduce the weight of the parcels you send?

Despite some fantastic deals and packages offered by courier and parcel delivery companies around the UK if you regularly ship parcels and items you can expect to have to pay a cost for this service. This cost will only grow should you have heavier items to post as the price is often quoted considering the weight and size of your consignment.

If this is a problem that you face on a regular basis then as a company or business person you may want to consider how you can keep these costs low whilst still being able to receive a high level of service.

One thing that you can do is to look at what you are sending and how it is packaged. Is there a way that you can amend this in order to get the best price possible from your chosen courier? Here are our top tips when it comes to reducing weight.

Look at the packaging
One way that you can cut down those costs is with packaging. Customised boxes and packets can sometimes be a little more expensive to buy; however they can save you money in the shipping that makes them more cost effective.

Often boxes will be made from a much lighter weight cardboard which then remains strong and protective thanks for a corrugated lining within the walls. Or for smaller items you might be able to purchase packets and bags with less protective inserts to cut down on the bulk of the item.

Another thing to think about when it comes to packaging is that you are using the right size of box. Having a large box for a small consignment may mean that you include more packing inside and this can of course ad to the overall weight of the item. Something you might not think of at the time.

There is plenty of lightweight packaging that you can invest in available on the market so make sure that if you have a fragile item that requires plenty of protection that you take the time to shop around and compare different products.

Bulk it up
Another fantastic way to keep down postage costs is to send smaller boxes, reducing the contents for each. May seem like a strange suggestion; but the fact is that many different couriers will offer you a reduced price per parcel should you send out many items on a regular basis. Also many couriers will offer a much more discounted rate for items under 2kg so should you be able to reduce the weight down to this threshold you may be able to keep the costs down even more.

Sending your parcels out through a trusted and approved courier doesn’t have to be an expensive game; by shopping around for the best courier and also looking at your own packaging and protection you can bring your costs down to a level that works for your own business!


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