Delivery to the other side of the world can be a packing problem!

By on 22/08/2014

International travel and relocation is something that seems to be on the rise; with students deciding to use their gap year seeing the world as well as whole families moving to distant countries due to work or family commitments, there has never been so much movement around as there seems to be now.

Whilst the whole experience is an incredibly exciting time for those involved, the logistics of a move across the globe can be a bit of headache. The choice is between whether or not to face the extortionate charges that airlines apply to plenty of extra luggage or perhaps using an international courier to send your belongings on your behalf whilst you travel with a more standard amount of luggage.

Even though this keeps your costs down as far as those bulkier items are concerned you still need to face packing up that hand or cargo luggage that you have decided to fly with you.

It seems like everyone has their own secret method to pack smart whether it is jumping up and down on top of a packed suitcase or stuffing small items into shoes, there are things you can do to reduce the volume and perhaps the weight of your luggage.

Be sensible with what you pack

If you are travelling and only taking what you can fit with you on the plane then you will need to seriously think about what you pack. Lay everything out in front of you, thinking about what you are likely to wear on a more regular basis. It is important to consider where you are going and pack those items that match the climate as well as those key pieces that can be mixed with others in your wardrobe to create different outfits.

Wear it!

Sounds silly, but wearing clothes on the plane such as coats and jumpers or boots can reduce the costs associated with your luggage. Also use any pockets that you might have to hide away those pesky items that might otherwise fill up your suitcase; after all the airline doesn’t weigh you at check in!

Suck it up and buy a vacuum bag

These wonderful creations are a packers dream. Whilst there is of course an initial cost associated to vacuum bags you will be delighted by what they can achieve. Once the air is out of the bag they will easily slide into your suitcase and as well as creating more space for clothes, these bags actually protect them too!

Use a courier

For anything else that you want to ship; especially if you are moving home or long term you will need to use a courier. Pick someone who has a great international rate and that you can be sure will provide a great service and before you know it you will be landing in your new home with everything that reminds of the one that you left behind!

Now….where did you put that travel guide?

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