The must know guide for how to sell on eBay

By on 02/09/2014

When it comes to shipping parcels; one of the biggest customer bases is that of eBay and within this set of clients there is such a variety of products to be shipped that no two customers can be the same.

For many people; selling items through eBay is a way to earn some extra money perhaps by moving on those things that you no longer need in your life such as clothes, toys and books. However for others it is a business; ranging from make-up, DVDs and even badges or stickers.

So if you are new to the world of eBay selling then what are the top things to remember? Here is our guide to making the most of your new money making method.

Take great photos; once you have set up your account (the first big step on the path of eBay) you will need to list your items on your eBay. Sounds easy right? Well the answer is yes, but in order to make the most of your items you will need to make sure that you capture them in the best way possible. That way you can ensure that you catch your potential buyers eye amongst all the other items.

The secret is in the words; as well as having the right picture making sure that you use the right words to title and describe your item is a sure fire way to ensure a sale. Only give relevant information in your item description; too much will confuse the buyer and may even put them off from purchasing but equally too little can not tempt them into making the purchase. It is vital to get the right balance. Titles need to be clear and succinct with any key points (such as free postage and packaging or brand new with tags) included within it.

The price is right; take the time to research how much others are selling similar items to yours for and markup accordingly. You may be tempted to tempt people with a rock bottom price, but this is not always the right way to approach selling on eBay, especially with more one off purchases. We advise to research fully a price that you can anticipate and that way you can place a reserve should you have a lowest price in mind.

Keep in touch; replying to questions and staying on top of your customers enquiries or purchases is a fantastic way to not only ensure that a potential customer turns into a buyer but also that you attract repeat customers. Communication is so often the key to success but is something that is easy to overlook. So try as best you can to keep on top of your emails and messages.

Pick the best courier for the job; making sure that you have a courier who is able to deliver your particular items quickly and safely is important. If you are sending standard types of items such as books or CDs then it is easy to find a courier who can deliver exactly what you require. However if you are sending more specialised items or those that are fragile or valuable then you may need to spend some extra time shopping around for the right one for you.

No matter who you pick, you can be sure that by following these simple tips you will see the profits begin to roll in.

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